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We sell our products to cafes, restaurants and markets that share our social values. We also work with organizations that are interested in using our products in fundraisers. Individuals can also call (608-620-7792) or e-mail (kdirector@porchlightinc.org) us directly about purchasing products. To help us reach a wider market you can let your favorite restaurant or market know you’d like to see our products on their menus or shelves.

Porchlight works with Wisconsin food producers who are interested in being part of our project and who grow or supply the ingredients we need to make our products. We set prices that are fair to the farmer and to Porchlight. As crops come into season, we turn them into quality canned and preserved artisan products that can be sold and enjoyed the rest of the year.

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Porchlight Products is a unique business that works on many levels to make positive changes in our community. Foremost we provide training for a variety of job and life skills to people with a wide range of disabilities. The confidence they develop helps them to be productive members of society. We also support our local agricultural system. Doing so helps keep our farm community strong, protects jobs and reduces the use of fossil fuels in the production and transportation of food. We work hard to develop close relationships with farmers to ensure that everyone benefits from the Porchlight Products program. We hope to bring greater public awareness to these suppliers by creating quality foods and promoting them in our marketing.




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Porchlight Products- Local Ingredients, Local Cause – 1704 Thierer Road, Madison, WI 53704- Phone: 608.620. 7792                                                       Melissa Guth, kdirector@porchlightinc.org