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SH KitchenLeeAnne is Marketing Manager for the Porchlight Products Program. When you visit a local grocery store and see our products on sale, that’s due to LeeAnne’s hard work and dedication. She loves cooking, coming up with new recipes, and being a mom.



alAl volunteered with Porchlight Products for two years before being hired in 2014. With a Traumatic Brain Injury, Al struggled to find a job that worked with his impairments. Two years later he is still working in the Porchlight Products program as a permanent employee.





Doretha is  made out of some strong stuff. After coming back from a life full of pain and addiction with the help of Porchlight’s Safe Haven and Partners in Transitional Opportunity (PTO), she is now full of support for those going through hard times. Before working for Porchlight Products, Doretha cooked part-time at Safe Haven. Doretha hopes to open her own Soul Food restaurant someday!



Richard is a one-of-a-kind guy and great person to work with. Richard came to Porchlight Products in 2012 as a program trainee and now is a permanent staff member who teaches others. Richard’s favorite task to do is sales at events like the 2016 Isthmus Brass concert pictured here.




Roscoe recently joined the Porchlight Products job training program. He puts his considerable math skills to use by inventorying our products and recording orders. Roscoe looks forward to attending Madison College to study computer programming and design.




Wil is a man of many talents. He’s taken culinary arts classes, can fix just about anything, and has recently finished obtaining his degree in Automotive Repair at Madison College. He has moved on to another job but stops by to help when he can. He’s shown here washing and cutting fresh rhubarb from Keewaydin Farm for Porchlight Product’s rhubarb jam.



Melissa (middle) has recently transitioned to Porchlight Products Kitchen Director from Library Outreach worker, also with Porchlight. She is excited to be able to use her background in social work and being a mom to 10 kids, to go above and beyond in her new role.



Zach“Being a factotum, I believe there is dignity to be found in work. Working at Porchlight Products gives me the opportunity to support myself and help others. This job allows me to live, love, laugh and most importantly, eat very well!”

Zach passed away several years ago. We leave this on our website as a memorial and reminder to all those who had the privilege to know and work with Zach in Porchlight Products.


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